peter naaienAs long as it fits under the sewing machine....

... Tatteljee can repair, maintain and adjust all textile products.

Textiles outdoors are subject to the weather; rain, wind and sun (UV radiation). Cloth, mesh and windows can tear, stitching can come loose, and zippers can break. We can restore everything! Feel free to come along with your product. If you are in a hurry or live far away, please contact us.

Maintenance of cotton tents and awnings mainly consists of re-impregnating the fabric, which should be done every few years. Not only to keep the tent watertight, but also to extend the life of the textile. Tatteljee/Erdman Schmidt impregnates with an environmentally friendly product, non-toxic, biodegradable and water-based.
Upon request, we can immediately go over the tent with the impregnation and if necessary, carry out small repairs.

Cloth Repair 
muisCloth can tear. The cause may have been an 'accident', such as a piercing with a pointed object, or a hungry mouse, but tearing is also the result of intensive and/or prolonged use. Depending on the cause, Tatteljee can repair the hole or replace the canvas. 
Tatteljee also makes separate roofs and parts, possibly based on the old part.

scheurtestIf there is a tear in your tent roof, is it our experience that in approximately 40% of the time, the cloth is worn out.
UV light is damaging to the tent roof. The first sign is a strong discolouration of the textile. 
We test for this by attempting to make another tear. If this is easy, then the material is worn out. Try this on a few locations, also near the zipper.

scheurtest naThe video below clearly indicates that the tent nylon is worn out.
We also do this test with cotton.

schuiversZippers are the most vulnerable part of textile products, but often easy to repair. The most common problem with broken zippers is that the slider is worn, so the zipper no longer closes securely or splits open again after closing. This can easily be solved by replacing the slider.
There may also be damage to the teeth of the zipper which means the zipper must be replaced.  ritsen

Extra zipper tent, per meter € 24,00
Replacing zipper tent, per meter € 35,00
Replacing zipper clothing, per meter € 74,00
Replacing slider € 7,00 - € 21,00

stikselA common problem, especially for boat and caravan awnings, is that the canvas is still in good condition, but the stitching is coming apart. Often polyester/cotton yard is used, which swells when it rains; very important for preventing leakage. The disadvantage is that cotton, as a natural product, decays. 

We can stitch over all seams, so that your product can last for years.

Price: € 65,- per hour.


extra gaas tent
We often get requests to modify an existing product. Some examples are extra holes with mesh for ventilation, or windows for more daylight.

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