Tatteljee offers customized canopies and tarps, thus it's possible to choose any size awning.  Should you need help deciding and calculating the dimensions of your awning, Tatteljee can assist you.
You can also determine where the awning/tarp attaches to the tent. The most functional shape for a canopy is a square or rectangle, however we can always custom design your awning to any shape or size to meet your wishes/needs.

At Tatteljee we secure the awning rings by stitching them fast onto the awning to insure their permanence. 

Tatteljee not only makes canopies and custom tarps for camping purposes, but also for many other applications; such as for your patio, or party canopy/shelter.

The standard materials we use:

material weight m2
ripstop nylon 80 gr
cotton 190 gr

Customers can consult Tatteljee regarding other possible options for awning material.  We're happy to advise you on your awning/canopy, so that you are sure the end product will suit your tastes and needs.