City Awnings

zonneschermHow wonderful to be able to sit outside on your balcony, (roof) terrace or in your garden or conservatory! Unfortunately, the climate often does not allow it. With a customized awning you can extent the outdoor season, improve the functionality of the room and increase your privacy. The awnings below are just a few examples of city awnings designed and produced by Tatteljee.

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Luifel tuin Weathermax

a sustainable solution between sauna and wall.
Against rain and for privacy, without making it too dark. Made from Weathermax textile.


luifel baarsjes1Order:
Balcony awning without fixed construction, so no need for building permission. The whole construction can be removed in 20 minutes.

luifel baarsjes2luifel baarsjes3





luifel baarsjes4luifel baarsjes5luifel baarsjes6luifel baarsjes7




Awning for meditation space
Balcony awning made of  Weathermax textile







Serreluifel binnenkant
Greenhouse awning inside
Serreluifel buitenkant
Greenhouse awning outside,
of bisonyl and PVC








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