This tent is named after a Dutch volcano

tent vulkaan

tent vulkaan


The form is chosen so the tent resembles a volcano.  The ceiling of de Zuidwal is kept higher by a chimney above the fireplace, so that the smoke escapes the tent through the middle of the roof.  At night red and yellow led lamps shine through the smoke as it exits the chimney top.      

The entrance is constructed so that as you enter you come across a barrier which you must duck down to step over, creating the feeling that you are entering a cave. 

Along the four sides of the tent there are four separate, private sleeping cabins complete with mattresses, pillows and comforters. Between the cabins there is space for a bar/tearoom, dj/vj and a kitchen, and in the middle of the tent there is a space 7 meters in diameter to walk, stand and dance.  De Zuidwal can comfortably fit 30 people, with ample room to move around.     

With the colored smoke coming out the chimney opening at the top of the tent, the volcano actively erupts til the party's end!  

Design: Peter Jongenelen