Erdman Schmidt tents

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All available models.

The models that we still produce are highlighted here.
We only make copies of existing roofs of the other models.
Repair, maintenance and re-impregnation are always possible.

Customized Erdman-Schmidt is also possible:
Design your own tent based on existing models.


Lieveheersbeestje - Ladybird

One-pole model, for an adult with child or for 2 children. Closed sheepfold, so you can sit inside in bad weather and keep luggage dry and out of sight.
The inner tent can be used as an extra inner tent with other ES models.

Optional with living area groundsheet, ground blanket and A-pole.
Can be made thermally.

LHB maten

Total weight:        cotton 2650 gr
                               nylon 2100 gr
Flysheet:               cotton 1265 gr
                               nylon  925 gr
Inner tent:            cotton 1040 gr
                               nylon  775 gr
Height:                  1.25 m
Price:                     €978


Oester - Oyster

One-pole model, for 2 people. Ideal for the backpack camper. Spacious living space of 1 meter deep. The sheepfold is closed and has a short zipper and a zipper up to the ridge.
As standard, the Oyster is simply finished to save weight without sacrificing quality.

Optionally with living area groundsheet, ground blanket or A-pole.

oester maten

Total weight:         cotton 4325 gr
                                nylon 2700 gr
Flysheet:                cotton 2360 gr
                                nylon  1200 gr
Inner tent:             cotton 1350 gr
                                nylon  920 gr
Height:                   1.45 m
Price:                     € ???


Slak - Walkaway groot
Snail - Walkaway large

A larger variant of the Oyster, suitable for bicycle and motorcycle camping. Spacious living space of 1.20 meters deep. The sheepfold has a short zipper and a zipper up to the ridge. As standard, the Slak is simply finished to save weight without sacrificing quality.

Optionally with living area groundsheet, ground blanket or A-pole.

slak maten

Total weight:        cotton 4880 gr
                               nylon 3335 gr
Outer tent:           cotton 2485 gr
                               nylon 1490 gr
Inner tent:            cotton 1625 gr
                               nylon 1115 gr
Height                   1.60 m
Price:                     € 1607,-


Hommel - Bumblebee

This striking tent has been a popular model for many years. Due to its asymmetrical shape and generous width, this tent is ideal for the taller camper. The inner tent slopes steeply at the head end, so that you are less likely to suffer from "cloth bites" and it is easier to get up. The Hommel remains under 3 kg and is therefore ideal to take with you on your bike or in your backpack.
Thanks to its open sheepfold, you won't have to worry about condensation in the morning. The roof has a zipper at the back and is generously extended so that you can store your backpacks or bicycle bags there. In bad weather, the back can also be used as a kitchen. Moreover, you have an extra entrance/exit and ventilation option.

Optional with ground blanket and mud flaps all around.
Can be made thermally.

hommel maten

Total weight:                       cotton 3500 gr
                                              nylon 2965 gr
Outer tent:                          1100 gr
Inner tent:                             930 gr
Height:                                 1.28 m
Price:                                    € 1381,-


Kever - basis
Beetle - basic

The sheepfold is closed and has two zippers that extend into the ridge, so that the sheepfold can also be opened in the ridge for extra ventilation. There are zippers at the back of the tent so that the tent has an extra entrance. The Beetle is available in both cotton and ripstop nylon.

Optionally with living area groundsheet, ground blanket, side cheeks and A-poles.
The Beetle is also available in a version with an intermediate canopy. The intermediate canopy can also be added later.

kever tussenluifel

With the Beetle with Intermediate Awning, you have the choice of setting up the tent in its entirety, or leaving the interim awning at home/packed. The awning is packaged in a separate case and supplied with awning extension poles as standard. The groundsheet in the living area can be divided by means of an envelope closure with Velcro. An additional inner tent for two children can be hung in the sheepfold. This creates a real family tent. During the day, the extra inner tent can be removed, so that you have full living space again.

Optionally with divisible living area groundsheet, ground blanket, side cheeks, A-poles, extra door and extra inner tent.

kever maten

Total weight:                 cotton 8400 gr
                                        nylon 5400 gr
Weight Awning:            nylon 730 gr
Inner tent weight:        cotton 2165 gr
                                        nylon 1360 gr
Height:                           front 1.40 m 
                                        rear 1.10 m
Price:                              € 2364.50

vuurpad basis

Vuurpad - basis
Fire path - basic

A spacious 1-pole model with a beautiful line.
You only use the front door in bad weather or at night. During the day you can open the roof zipper to the ridge on the lee side and roll away the side of the outer tent.
The inner tent has zippers in the side walls. This allows you to extend part of the inner tent into the living area.
Standard with A-pole. To save packing space and weight (approx. 1 kg) you can use a telescopic pole.
Optionally with living area groundsheet, ground blanket and PVC window.

vuurpad basis maten

Cotton total weight:                        9400 gr
Weight outer tent excl. awning:    4500 gr
Inner tent weight:                           2500 gr
A-pole + 2*1.15m:                          1520 gr
Height:                                             1.75 m

vuurpad tl

The Vuurpad with Intermediate Canopy has divisible zippers between the sheepfold and the basic tent section, so that a 2.00 m deep intermediate or kitchen awning can be zipped in as desired. The living space becomes much larger and the possibility is also created to hang a children's inner tent in the sheepfold area.

The kitchen awning has been extended on one side. The extension is equipped with a large lockable mosquito net window. The kitchen canopy can also be used as an entrance/exit, and can be used on both the left and right.

The Fire Path with Awning comes standard with two awning extension poles, like any tent.

Side panels, which allow you to leave the awning open in the rain and wind, are available as an accessory.
Other accessories include an extended living area groundsheet, a ground blanket, a PVC window in the sheepfold or kitchen, an extra A-pole or telescopic pole 1.75 m.
A Pet Canopy of 1.10 m deep is also optional.

vuurpad tl maten
Vuurpad with Intermediate Awning

Cotton total weight + awning:      12200 gr
Outer tent excl. awning:                  4500 gr
Intermediate awning:                      1800 gr
A-pole + 3*1.75m + 2*1.15m         2500 gr
Inner tent:                                         2500 gr
Height:                                               1.75 m

vuurpad kl maten
Vuurpad with Kitchen Awning

Cotton total weight + awning:    14000 gr
Outer tent excl. awning:                4500 gr
Kitchen awning:                              2600 gr
A-pole + 3*1.75m +
2*1.15m + 2*1.30m                       2965 gr

Option extra inner tent
Slak (medium)                       1550/1625 gr
Schaap (large)                                 2200 gr