Tatteljee has a number of extra product in its line for a perfect night's sleep: extra insulation to increase the domain of use of your sleeping bag, and custom-made roll-up cushions called Dreamballs. If requested, we can order Exped matresses.

Extra insulation
On a journey with extreme fluctuating temperatures or temperatures below the comfort level of your current sleeping bag, extra insulation may be required. You can achieve this in 2 ways:

  1. top up your current sleeping bag
  2. combine 2 sleeping bags

donsTopping up is possible, provided there is enough space left in the lanes, and can be done with 90% and 100% goose down.
As the price of down often fluctuates, we ask you to contact us for a price quote. For topping up a sleeping bag that is not made by Tatteljee we charge € 25,- extra.

Combining 2 sleeping bags can be done in different ways, for example by using a sleeping bag up to omzak+5oC together with a sleeping bag up to -5oC. This will achieve an insulation value of approximately -30oC.
All sleeping bag models from Tatteljee can be combined with each other.

droombol The Dreamball is a roll-up cushion with a synthetic filling from Powerfill, made to measure. Powerfill is soft and flexible fiber balls that are easy to shake, are washable and tumble dry, non-allergenic and odourless.
You can use the Dreamball as a pillow, but also to sit up or down in the caravan or camping.
The price of a Dramball, 35x35 cm, filled with 120 grams of Powerfill, is € 9,50.
You can of course top op or refill at any time.

Exped mattresses
If you are interested in an Exped mattress, for example in combination with a ThermoCombi, let us know. Although we usually do not have them in stock, we can order them for you.