Sleeping bag care

Tatteljee cleans, repairs and maintains all sleeping bags. Proper maintanance extends the life of the sleeping bag. Unfortunately, not all sleeping bags are as easy to top up and repair as Tatteljee sleeping bags. If in doubt, contact us.

We clean sleeping bags with a special down detergent.
A sleeping bag can easily be 55 grams lighter after cleaning.
The costs for cleaning are € 26,50.

Stitching loose, a broken zipper or a hole in the ticking? No problem!

donsAdding down
Does the sleeping bag no longer meet your insulation requirements? Tatteljee sleeping bags can always be topped up! Adding down to sleeping bags from other brands can be more difficult, so consult us first.

We use 90% goose down with 10% down feathers (cuin value 600 = 800 Cuin USA), € 28,50 per ounce, as well as 100% goose down (cuin value 700+ = 900 Cuin USA), € 52,- per ounce.

New ticking
Over time, the ticking can wear out, allowing down to escape. Tatteljee can make a new cover that we fill with down from the old sleeping bag, supplementing with new down if desired. For this we first clean the sleeping bag.

The costs for a new ticking consist of:
  1. cleaning costs (€ 26,50)
  2. material costs ticking (cotton and microfiber € 58,- per m2 for Canezzo and Corniche, € 73,- for Yeti)
  3. labour costs for emptying and refilling (€ 35,-).

There are 2 different down-proof ticking material available:

  • Cotton                     100 gr/m2
  • Microfiber                 55 gr/m2

It is also possible to choose different material for the inner and outer ticking.


Take good care of your sleeping bag!
Do not leave your sleeping bag in the pack bag and air it well after use (but not in full sun!)