Sleeping together

Twee persoons slaapzakSleeping in separate sleeping bags can be uncomfortable when you are used to sleeping together! Customers regularly ask us what the best double sleeping bag system is. Tatteljee distinguishes four different ways of sleeping two people in a custom made sleeping bag, including a corresponding zip-in sheet.

The four options are:

  • 'couple' two single sleeping bags; the best known option
  • use the ThermoCombi
  • sleeping together on a Bottom Deck
  • sleeping under a Duvet

To couple two single sleeping bags successfully, the length, width, shape and type of zipper of both bags are important factors. Tatteljee uses YKK block tooth zippers for all sleeping bags. Of course, the smaller the difference in height between partners, the better the result.
The big advantage of coupling is being able to sleep together, but also separately. The disadvantage, is that you save no weight, and 'draft' can occur when turning over.


thermocombi miniA bottom for a double combination consisting of two layers of Microfiber and/or cotton, into which two Exped and/or Therm-a-Rest mattresses can be inserted. The edges of the mats are lined with Thinsulate LiteLoft, so that you do not immediately feel the cold ground. The ThermoCombi is suitable for every model sleeping bag and mat, and is washable, weight-saving, and perfect for people with down allergy. Possibly expandable with a zip-in sheet.

  weight price
ThermoCombi ± 700 gr € 182,00
fixed laken 75 gr/m2 or 145 gr/m2 € 56,-
zip-in sheet 75 gr/m2 or 145 gr/m2 € 72,00
ThermoCombi-edges 1260 gr € 201,50
replaced bottom sheet   € 52,-

"Hartelijk dank voor de levering van de combi slaapzak.
We hebben er nu 4-5 weken in geslapen met zoveel genot!!!
Heerlijk warm, licht makkelijk inpakken, werkelijk super!!"

Bottom Deck

A sleeping bag filled with Thinsulate LiteLoft (a synthetic filling consisting of microfibers) that serves as bottom bag, in combination with a single down sleeping bag as top bag. The insulation value of Thinsulate LiteLoft remains intact longer than down. It can be washed easily, however it is not refillable and slightly heavier than the other two-person variants.

Tatteljee makes a Bottom Deck for all down sleeping bag models. The Bottom Deck can of course also be used as a single sleeping bag.

  Price per m2
Bottom Deck € 75,00
Extra layer LiteLoft € 39,50


A sleeping bag without a zipper, the lanes of which run lengthwise. The ticking material is cotton. Available in any size and in two down qualities: 90% goose down with a cuin value of 600, or 100% goose down with a cuin value of 700+.

temp down 90% down 100% price / m2
90% down
price / m2
100% down
+ 5oC 140 gr/m2 120 gr/m2 €  90,75 € 109,15
  0°C 170 gr/m2 145 gr/m2 €  96,35 € 123,65
- 5°C 200 gr/m2 170 gr/m2 € 103,50 € 133,85
-10oC 235 gr/m2 200 gr/m2 € 108,05 € 129,35

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