Inventor of the zipper: Whitcomb L. Judson, 1891

Zippers are the most vulnerable part of tents and clothing, but often recover easily. The two most common brands are: Optilon and YKK. There are two different types of zippers: block tooth (left) and spiral (pictured right). Optilon only makes coil zippers, YKK makes coil and molded zippers.

molded zipper                                          coil zipper
 optilon spiraalrits
The most common problem with broken zippers is that the slider is worn, so the zipper no longer successfully closes; or after closing, splits again. Through use, grooves are formed in the slider, (left picture).  As a result the teeth of the zipper cannot slide into each other well. This is easy to solve, by replacing the slider for a new one (photo right).

versleten schuiver hele schuiver
The second most common problem, is that the coil zippers can kink (pictured right).  We can sometimes fix this temporarily by pushing the coil back into its original shape and closing the zipper very carefully.  Eventually the zipper will need to be replaced.  With molded (or block) zippers, it is known that the teeth can break down when there is very strong pull on the zipper (photo left). The only solution for this is to replace the zipper.

bloktandrits tanden ontbreken (stuk)spiraalrits tanden verbogen (stuk)
The rarest form of damage in a zipper is that the spiral comes off the band.

What also sometimes happens is that the tab on the zipper slider breaks off (pictured left).  You can easily solve this yourself, by replacing the missing part with a piece of rope (pictured right).
 lip stuk schuiverreparatie lip schuiver

With jackets, it often happens that the reinforcements on the band at the insertion tooth often get damaged, making it difficult to insert the insertion tooth into the zipper slider.  Pushing harder and pulling creates even more damage. Ultimately, the zipper can no longer be used (photo below).  We can avoid this problem by zipping gently, keeping the zipper clean and caring for it with a lubricant such as Vaseline.


inschuif rits stuk

Additional zipper tent set per meter € 24,00
Zipper replacement tent per meter € 35,00
Zipper replacement on clothing per meter € 74,00



replace zipper slider € 7,00 - € 21,00