1. 1972


    logo oud

    By Nen and Mick Schmidt. Mick was a designer by profession, handy by nature and both were very active in the camping world. After the war, Mick had already been asked by Carl Denig to design tents.

    From the living room in Amsterdam North, they initially only made custom sleeping bags, but tents were soon added, and they gained a good reputation.

  2. 1988



    After the takeover by son Dick in 1986, Tatteljee moved from the 'parental home' to the old school in Zunderdorp in 1988.

    The range was expanded with a number of products imported from abroad from North Face, Thermarest and MSR, among others, and Tatteljee became an official dealer of Erdman-Schmidt tents.

  3. 2005

    Amsterdam Noord

    3 generaties tatteljee

    Under the leadership of Peter Jongenelen, Dick's brother-in-law, Tatteljee returns to Amsterdam North.

    Peter worked regularly for Tatteljee from the age of 16, but running a company is something different. The first years were not always easy, but often fun.

  4. 2008

    Erdman Schmidt

    Erdman Schmidt onderdeel van Tatteljee

    Thanks to Peter, the Dutch tent brand Erdman-Schmidt, founded in 1968 by Doede Schmidt, was saved from oblivion: after the bankruptcy of Erdman-Schmidt, Tatteljee took over the repair and production of the tents.

    The 10 years of togetherness were celebrated with this special logo.

  5. 2012



    Closer to the center of Amsterdam, smaller, more compact and more efficient.

    Customization and repair have become the focus, but in the meantime new products have also been created, including the City Canopy and the Tentipi Canopy, and new collaborations, such as that with Moosecamp.

  6. 2022

    50 years

    logo 50jr

    A real milestone.
    While other Dutch tent makers have long been defunct, Tatteljee continues to move on. And with success. Partly thanks to all partners and customers.

    It was of course worth celebrating and a special logo.

  7. Future



    Both inside and outside Tatteljee, we are constantly working on new concepts, products and objects.

    With his special projects, Peter gives knowledge and color to the world.
    Curious? Check out pizza theater and C-spot.

NB ! Tatteljee is closed due to winter break from November 26 to January 24.