3 generaties Tatteljee
3 generations Tatteljee (ltr):
Mrs. Schmidt-Gerritsen,
Dick Schmidt,
Peter Jongenelen

Tatteljee is fully customer driven

Everything Tatteljee makes is not because Tatteljee designed it like that, but because the customer ordered it like that. Quality of design and execution are highly valued. "Your wishes, your body, your journey" are determining factors for an authentic Tatteljee product.

Tatteljee was founded in 1972 by Mrs. Schmidt-Gerritsen, years after her husband Mick started making sleeping bags. Mick Schmidt was designer by profession and a very skillful man, who designed his first tent during WWII.

As part of a camping group, they knew the founders of Bever Zwerfsport and Carl Denig personally, and after the war Mick was asked to design tents for Carl Denig. Furthermore, they were inspired to make a number of sleeping bags per year specifically tailored to the client, to save up for their retirement. It quickly got out of control. Tatteljee is now a reputable company amongst  hardcore campers; for people who think and want others to think.

zunderdorpAfter son Dick took over in 1986, Tatteljee moved in 1988 from the family home to a former school in Zunderdorp, just outside of Amsterdam. There the range of products was expanded with a number of products imported from abroad; from North Face, Thermorest, MSR and others. Tatteljee also became an official dealer for Erdman-Schmidt tents.

NwddijkSince 2005 Tatteljee is in the hands of Peter Jongenelen, brother-in-law of Dick Schmidt. Under his leadership Tatteljee relocated back to Amsterdam, first to Amsterdam Nieuwendam, and later to the current address on Baarsjesweg. With the arrival of Peter, the passion for designing and producing textile products is back. 
baarsjesThanks to Peter, the Dutch tent brand Erdman-Schmidt, founded in 1968 by Doede Schmidt, was saved from oblivion. After the previous owner made a decision to discontinue Erdman-Schmidt, Tatteljee took over Erdman-Schmidt and continued production.







Over the years, Tatteljee has formed several partnerships, among them with the NTKC, Moosecamp and Urban Campsite Amsterdam, went to national and international camping exhibitions and participated in (art )projects. AM made

All this owuld not have been possible without the support of our regular suppliers: de Gebroeder Jonk from Volendam for the best down, ESVO from Volendam for durable tent canvas and Alldek from Heiloo for the unique lightweight tent poles.
Tatteljee bears the Amsterdam Made quality mark.

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