luifel vbosCustomized Awnings

With a customized awning from Tatteljee, an outdoor space gains the extra dimension of being dry, shaded, and out of sight. You can sit outside on your balcony or veranda, in your garden or on the terrace, despite the changing weather. Is there a tree in the way? We then integrate it into the design.

tipi luifelAwnings from Tatteljee can be recognized by their simplicity, durability and functionality. They are also aesthetically attractive, providing extra atmosphere. In addition to Camping Awnings (awnings for tents, tipi's and caravans), Tatteljee also makes City Awnings (for balconies, gardens and roof terraces), Company Awnings (for above entrances, terraces and outdoor spaces), Boat Awnings (also known as boat hoods) and awnings for all other vehicles, locations or functions, completely tailored to your needs and requirements.

bootzeil transparantWe use cotton (180 g/m2) or ripstop nylon (80 g/m2), as standard, however we can also use other materials in consultation; such as bisonyl or PVC.

As with all customized products from Tatteljee, together with you we will determine what the end product should look like. The best way to determine the dimensions for your awning, is to use a piece of rope to measure the height, length and width of the space. You also need to determine the attachment method and incoorporate it into your design. A few photo's of the space are welcome, as well as a drawing of the design, so we can best advise you. 

balkonluifelThe most functional shape for an awning is a square or rectangle, but we can make any other desired shape. If the space to be spanned by the awning is large, it may be better to manufacture the awning using several pieces, so that the forces placed on the awning are better distributed.
We prefer to stitch the rings around the edges of the awning, because this is many times stronger than the impact of rings. If one or more ridges enter the awning, they are secured with a leather reinforcement at the underside.

parasolTatteljee also repairs and adjusts existing awnings.
Do you have any questions or ideas? Please contact us.