slaapzak 2pCustomized Sleeping

After an active day outside a good night's rest is important; and for this, a good sleeping bag is essential. A sleeping bag must fit to your size and personal requirements. A sleeping bag that is too thick, too long or too bulky can be heavy, and unnecessarily expensive.
The insulation value of a sleeping bag does not count for everything: humidity, wind, soil type and model of sleeping bag play major roles in the actual insulation value. Under the same conditions a sleeping bag that is too warm for you, can be not warm enough for another.

Founded as a sleeping bag studio in 1972, Tatteljee has produced all possible sleeping bags, for all possible circumstances over these 45 years.
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Tatteljee has 4 standard singlesyeti models, which can be adapted to your size and personal choices. In addition to single sleeping bags, several 2persons sleeping bag systems are possible; including 'linking' two separate bags.
All sleeping bags come standard with a roll cover and a storage bag. A zip-in sheet which extends the life of your sleeping bag, can also be made for you.
You can sleep at home, as well as in the tent or caravan, with a Custom Duvet.
For kids we have the Benjamin (a children's sleeping bag with a special zip-in sheet), a roll up crib of only 700 grams, and the Large Cradle (Grote Wieg).                                             

Tatteljee also does repair and maintenance of sleeping bags. Think of washing the sleeping bag, replacing the thick or zipper, or adding filling.

omzakIf you need extra insulation for a special trip, we have 2 different options: adding extra down to the current sleeping bag or producing an extra sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags can be made from three different down-proof cover materials ('thick'):

  • Cotton                     100 gr/m2                 
  • Microfiber                55 gr/m2                 
  • Nylon XTR Light       33 gr/m2                 


A sleeping bag from Tatteljee consists of 2 layers of fabric with dividers, so that the heat does not disappear through the stitching. These dividers separate the bottom from the top of the bag, forming boundaries for the lanes into which down is stuffed.

donsWe use standard 90% goose down with 10% down feathers (cuin value 600 = 800 Cuin USA), but can also deliver 100% goose down (cuin value 700+ = 900 Cuin USA).

For those allergic to down, it is also possible to fill the sleeping bag with
Thinsulate LiteLoft. This makes the sleeping bag heavier and not refillable, but washable.

You can come into the shop and test out different sleeping bags. We are happy to discuss all the options with you.