Custom-made campingvulkaan

With the arrival of Peter in 2005, the Dutch tent brand Erdman Schmidt has been revived, with passion and ambition for creating top of the line tents.

From small and lightweight tents, to large and eye-catching exhibition and festival tents; from purely practical designs to purely aesthetic designs; from classical models to moderns designs, and from professional group tents to camping awnings, all can be found at Tatteljee.

lhb bergenAre you looking for a new camping tent? Erdman Schmidt has more than 100 different models!
However, if you cannot yet say goodbye to your old non-Erdman Schmidt tent, and it is no longer being produced, Tatteljee can make a copy based on the your old tent.
Do you have an idea for a tent yourself? Tatteljee also designs tents and can help you bring your tent to fruition.
We can also adjust models, replace parts, perform repairs on zippers, cloth and stitching, and impregnate tents.

Tents from Erdman Schmidt/Tatteljee are made from high-quality materials:

  • Outer tent: sand-coloured  lightweight cotton 180 gr/m2 or green nylon 80 gr/m2
  • Inner tent: beige lightweight cotton 140 gr/m2 or white nylon 60 gr/m2
  • Ground sheet: lightweight black nylon 120 gr/m² or black Sepelon 260 gr/m²

Would you like a tent made of a different material? Please contact us.