Cloth repair

scheur grootCloth, mash and window can tear. The cause may have been an 'accident', such as a piercing with a pointed object, or a hungry mouse, but tearing is also the result of intensive and/or prolonged use. Depending on the cause, Tatteljee can repair the muis schadehole or replace (part of) the canvas. 
Tatteljee also makes separate roofs and parts, possibly based on the old part. 

scheurtest voorIf there is a tear in your tent roof, is it our experience that in approximately 40% of the time, the cloth is worn out. UV light is damaging to the tent roof. The first sign is a strong discolouration of the textile. We test for this by attempting to make another tear, parallel to the existing one. 

scheurtest naIf this is easy, then the material is worn out. Try this on a few locations, also near the zipper. If this is hard or impossible, then the tent will survive another few years. Take some tape and plastic with you to be sure. 
The video below clearly indicates that the tent nylon is worn out. We also do this test with cotton.


Besides replacing broken parts, we also get requests to modify existing products. Some examples are extra holes with mesh for ventilation, or windows for more daylight.

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