Camping with children is great, but it can be difficult to find the right products. In addition to the children's sleeping bag, Tatteljee also makes different types of cradles.

A children's sleeping bag consists of two parts:
a bottom deck filled with Thinsulate (easily washable), and a upper deck filled with down.

Benjamin kids

Standard sizes of the Benjamin are 150x75 cm for the bottom and 130x75 for the top. This sleeping bag can also be adapted to customer wishes: longer, wider or smaller.
If you are concerned about the length of the sleeping bag as your child is still very small, we make a sheet for within, with stitching at different heights, so that your child cannot sink to the bottom of the sleeping bag.

Benjamin 15 cm longer zip-in sheet
€ 229,25 € 15,50 € 58,50


Camping Cot
For the little ones, Tatteljee has a roll-up crib, with a 183 cmWieg
Therm-a-Rest-NeoAir mattress at the base.
The cot sizes are: 100 cm x 50 cm, and it weighs 700 gram without a mattress. Thanks to the cot, the mattress is protected and lasts a long time.


Cot € 103,50
(excl. mattress)
Mosquito cover € 32,00
NeoAir Trekker
€ 115,00

wieg kinderslpzk armenCot with children's sleeping bag with arms
For the very little ones, we also make a cot with a children's sleeping bag which includes arms. During cold periods, this sleeping bag can also be used in the stroller or buggy.

Large Cot
grote wiegIs your child sleeping so uneasily that she/he sometimes sleepwalks? Or do you want a safe place for your child to rest, as well as play?
In consultation with a number of parents, we have designed a large cot that can be closed completely.
By using light materials and colours, a friendly product has been created.
The cot can be zipped down on three sides. To prevent the child from opening the zippers, the sliders are concealed behind the fabric; even the smallest children's fingers cannot reach it. 
The walls are suspended by an iron tube frame. The entire structure cannot be pushed over from the inside, not even by adults. Yet the Large Cot is not heavy to carry thus easily transportable, and compact to store

We are always working on improving products and are open to your ideas.