Tatteljee tipi met luifelCamping Awnings

Camping awnings come in 2 types: loose awnings or tarps, and fixed camping awning, that are attached directly to the tent or caravan. Tatteljee makes both types, completely customized, or based on Erdman Schmidt designs.
Tatteljee is the official producer of awnings for Tentipi's: Tipi'cal Tatteljee. 


Tarp in actionA tarp can be used both as a replacement for, and in addition to a tent. Certainly when camping with only a tarp, a large number of attachment points increases its functionality. During trips, a tarp can also be used for resting, and at the campsite to create extra space between tents.

There are many ways to set up a tarp. Inspirational.
Tatteljee produces all possible camping awings, whether or not made to measure.

es transparantErdman Schmidt Awnings

Traditionally, Erdman Schmidt produces tarps, that many also use as windbreak and sunshade.
aerodynamic 1

Using this tarp as a windbreak, it provides an extra area for cooking and sitting. Available both in cotton and in ripstop nylon.


aerodynamic3Ridge height                135 cm
Weight cotton             1200 gram
Weight nylon               1060 gram
Price indication           € 249,-


aerodynamic windschermaerodynamic 2

vleugels in actieVleugel (Wing) - medium and large
The Vleugel is an ideal accessory for all (Erdman Schmidt) tents. Besides providing extra space in front of the tent, dry and in the shade, it also allows for leaving the tent open during rain.
Comes with tent pegs and guy lines and available in 2 sizes: Medium en Large.
vleugel mediumvleugel largevleugel ra

rog matenRog (Ray)
Many families and groups camp with 2 or more tents. During bad weather you want to create a living area between the tents, fitting all people: the Rog.


spinnenweb9Spinnenweb (Spiderweb)
A symmetrical awning, consisting of 6 triangles, WITH a zipper.
If you need a big roof, open it up competely.
Some other options:
Campfire - Open the zipper, roll up 1 flap.
Cooking tent or parasol - Create a pentagon by removing 1 flap.
Emergency shelter - Create a rectangle.
spinnenweb maten gifTree in the way - Hang up via D-ring or campfire method.

The Spinnenweb comes with 1 pole 195 cm, 3 poles 188 cm, guy lines, pegs and a storage bag.


vleermuisVleermuis (Bat
vleermuis tarpvleermuis maten

aerobowAerobow - from the archive
From the time the bow poles just arrived onto the market.... Unfortunately, we do not have measurements anymore.


Fixed Awnings

Tent awning

An awning can be attached to any tent. The model of the tent partly determines the shape of the awing. An awning can be attached to the tent with either a zipper or with Velcro.

klitband luifelklitband2

Tentipi luifelTipi'cal Tatteljee

Originally, the tipi was used by various nomadic tribes, made from animal skin. These days, the tipi is also popular in the world of (lightweight) camping.

The advantage of a tipi is that you have relatively more room and height for the weight, in comparison to other sorts of tents.
The disadvantage is that the doorway is not protected in rain or sun. An awning can solve this problem.

luifel nordiskWhatever your tipi, Tatteljee can make an awning for it.
Do you have a Tentipi and would like to order the awning designed and produced by Tatteljee? You can directly order one via Moosecamp.

tipi luifel








Caravan awnings
Tatteljee also makes, repairs and copies awnings for caravans. An awning is an excellent way to keep the elements out and increases your living space. Awnings can also come in closed form, with walls, a door, and windows.

kopie dak caravan

In addition to awnings for caravans, we make tents and awnings for all moving vehicles.