Second-hand tents

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Buy or sell a second-hand tent with our stamp in all openness.

To buy

Buying a second-hand tent is not easy. How do you determine whether a tent is of good enough quality, how long it will last, whether there are no hidden defects and whether it is worth the price?
A second-hand tent with the Erdman Schmidt quality stamp has been completely checked, any defects have been repaired and you will receive an estimate of its lifespan. You can also have the tent adjusted to your wishes or order extras such as a ground blanket or awning.


Current offer

No offer at the moment.

To sell

Are you no longer camping or do you now have another tent and do you think that your old tent is still suitable for multi-year use (have you already carried out the tear test on the tent roof)?
Then we can help you sell the tent in an open and transparent manner.

  1. Register the tent by email with a detailed description.
    In any case, state the exact name of the tent, the material (cotton or nylon), the age of the tent, its current condition including possible defects, its use in the past and any extras that are included such as a ground blanket or an awning. We would also like to receive one or more photos, especially if it concerns a non-Erdman Schmidt tent.

  2. Based on this information, we estimate whether the tent is suitable for sale.

  3. Deliver the tent.
    We assess the tent on site for its lifespan and marketability, and determine the sales price in consultation.
    We expect the tent to be delivered clean and we always reserve the right to refuse a tent. Any return costs are at your expense.
    If you are unable to deliver the tent, you can also send it to us in consultation.
  4. We carefully assess the tent and repair any defects.
    We check the entire tent (canvas, stitching and zippers), clean the poles and pegs and carry out repairs if necessary.
    This involves costs that will be borne by Tatteljee upon sale. If the tent is not sold within 1 year, or the owner retrieves the tent earlier, these costs will be borne by the owner.
  5. The tent is going on sale.
    We offer the tent via our website, Marktplaats and social media.
    The tent will be offered for sale for a maximum of 1 year.
  6. The tent is sold.
    After selling the tent, you will receive 60% of the sales price after deduction of VAT. The amount can be transferred to you or you can collect it in cash. Of course you can also settle the balance with a purchase in the store.

Tips for assessing a second-hand tent.


Do the tear test.
Do this in several places and don't be too careful.

Examine the canvas carefully for color.
Large color differences are not a good sign. Determine what the color was on the inside of the cloth and compare this color with the outside of the cloth.

We regularly receive customers in our shop who have recently purchased a second-hand tent somewhere that soon turns out to be worse worn than the seller had suggested or they had determined themselves.
Do you have doubts about the condition of a tent or do you want an independent opinion?
We will view the tent for free.