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Although most products are custom made, Tatteljee does have products on sale sometimes.

Yalta - ultra lightweight sleeping bag, hip height
Suitable for someone of about 1,70 m height cq. with hip height of 1m.

yaltaCircumference:         1,00 - 1,20m (smaller than standard)
Length:                       1,00m (= hip height)
Material:                     XTR Light nylon
Temperature:            +5°C
Weight:                       250 gram
Colour:                       black
Including storage bag.
From € 164,50 to € 90,-


wandelende takWandelende Tak met Tussenluifel - buitendak - 50% korting
Buitendak van katoen, inclusief tussenluifel
Van € 1150,- voor € 575,-