Moving tents

Tatteljee also makes tents for means of transportation. We are still waiting for a 'train tent' request. As with all products, the wishes of the customer come first.

Car tent
autotentCar tents are made in such a way that they precisely fit, enclosing the rear of a van. You can place the tent around the car wind and watertight for use. This creates a space in which you can empty the car and use it as a place to sleep.

An order to extend the bed in the bus:

autotent bedautotent bed2autotent bed4


Caravan tent
A custom-made tent is ideal for making your caravan even more spacious. Below you see 2 examples of caravan tents. Look for our caravan awnings at camping awnings.


caravantentcaravantent 3

Broom moped tent
With this bakbroped, a sleeping place has been created by folding out the box and the tent. In addition, we have made a suitable awning, so the driver can ride comfortably in all weather conditions. This project ultimately resulted in a total metamorphosis of the vehicle.