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In our experience we have found that many customers become attached to their tent; however, it is no longer produced, or even repaired. Over the years, many Dutch tent brands have unfortunately disappeared. Brands such as Zwarts, Neef, Mentora and Slee. At one time fortunately, Erdman Schmidt produced tents for many of these brands, and can therefore repair and copy a wide variety of tents.

Should only the outer roof of a tent need be replaced; we can make a copy, based on the old roof, if necessary. We use the same material as is used for the Erdman Schmidt tents, and have already copied a number of other models. If your tent is not on the list, we can measure the old tent, sign a cutting plan and make the tent.
menora spotvogel2

Mentora part tent price indication
Wielewaal roof € 741,00
Specht roof and inner ten  
Spotvogel 1, 2 and 3 roof and inner tent  

Zwarts ButterflyZwarts



Carl Denig tentdeel prijsindicatie
Poolster "orginal" roof € 742,00





Slee prijsindicatie
Pirouwet 'roof' € 675,00
Orkaan villa 'roof'  
Passaat 'roof'  
Fohn 'roof'  
Moesson 'roof' € 753,00
Wervelstorm awning € 497,00
Wervelwind scheepfold € 446,50
Wervelwind kitchen awning € 522,50
Wervelwind roof sleep part € 419,00
Roof enlarged Wevelstorm € 720,50

slee wervel


Extra ventilation opening
Image removed.The customer neede more ventilation inside the tent. De klant had behoefte aan meer ventilatie binnen in de tent. Ventilation openings in the inner tent fitted with mosquito netting.

Image removed.