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Despite the large number of tents on the market, Tatteljee is regularly asked to make a custom-made tent: tents for rent at a campsite, alightweight family tent or a tent to make a bird documentary, Tatteljee loves a good challenge. Sometimes customers also wish for adjustements to existing tents, such as extra windows or ventilation openings. The following are just exmaples of requests we have received.

Bivouac Herman
Tatteljee has been approached by Herman with a request for a tent low to the ground, for 1 adult and 4 children under 9. Besides low, the tent had to be practically invisible, camping with a tree as a tent pole. From idea ......
herman3                            ... to the result: model "Herman".

herman 2 tent





Professional group tents
Commisioned by Camping Vliegenbos in Amsterdam, Tatteljee designed and manufactured 3 different tents for group rental: a square tent, a hexagonal tent and a tipi model. These tents are outside from March to October and must therefore be able to endure harsh weather. Material and shape determined upon consultation.

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tipi vliegenbos


klamboeBushcraft mosquito net
Made from special mosquito netting to protect against sand flies, and other small mosquitoes.
Example sizes lhw: 250 x 200 x 140 cm, weight: 900 grams. Though available in all sizes.
Price example: € 197,-

kamboe foedraal





Ook maken wij klamboes die los kunnen staan.

Prefer to sleep under a tarp? We also create different types of camping awnings.

Extra ventilation opening
tent extra ventilatieA customer needed more ventilation inside the tent. For this we designed ventilation openings in the inner tent, fitted with mosquito netting.

extra ventilatie2


Comic tent
stripIn principle it is possible to make a tent from almost any kind of fabric; for example this waterproof comic tent made of curtain fabric. If you have read the inside then you can continue on the outside.






Shelter tent
schuil3For documentary filmmakers  Musch & Tinbergen, winners of two Golden Calf awards (for 'Rotvos' and for 'Mees TV'), we have made various shelter tents. Musch en Tinbergen were looking for an ideal hiding place from which they could film recordings of everything that moves freely in nature; without being discoverd or scaring animals. The shelters are used both in Svalbard (Norway) and in Siberia.
Click here for the Musch and Tinbergen website.