Tipi'cal Tatteljee

tentipi luifelTipi tents are becoming more and more popular: relatively a lot of space and height for its weight. Because of the sloping walls, an awning is not an unnecessary luxury, and Tatteljee makes custom awnings for all brands of tipi's.

moosecamp logoCooperation Tatteljee - Moosecamp
Moosecamp is the official dealer of Tentipi in the Netherlands, and Tatteljee the official repairer of warranty cases and its awning maker. Throughout the year, Moosecamp has all models of Tentipi tents, both indoors and outdoors, as well as a wide range of outdoor sports equipment.
If you want an awning for a Tentipi or if you have a warranty case, please contact Moosecamp.

In addition to awnings, we also make custom groundsheets and inner tents and we make all kinds of adjustments to existing tipi's.

dakramen buiten

Do you want more daylight inside?
Skylights can be made in all sizes and shapes, as well as with curtains on the inside.

Repairs and adjustments
As with all tents, the zipper can be broken, the tent fabric can tear and stitching will come off. Damage can also occur to the unique cam sticks for Tentipi. Tatteljee has developed a way to not only repair but also strengthen the ridge poles.

Because nylon is much more UV sensitive than polyester or cotton, the bottom, zipper and top edge wear out earlier than the tent. After replacement, the tent can last for years.

We also impregnate tipi's.

The most common repairs, with price indication:

1 Slider replacement
2 Sliders

€ 15,-
€ 20,-


Replace zipper


€ 135,-


Replace cam sticks, all 8


€ 79,-


stokjes na

Apply velcro strip for awning € 30,- strook kband luifel
Replace nylon zipper edge € 112,-  
Replace nylon bottom edge € 624,-  
Replace nylon top edge €  84,-  
Skylight, 100cm x 70 cm € 100,- dakramen binnen
Impregnate   - size 9
                        - size 7
                        - size 5
€ 135,-
€ 120,-
€ 105,-